Course Description

What this course teaches:

1. Relaxation/inner peace is necessary to induce the optimal brain state for:

  1. calming the nervous system
  2. allowing the mind and heart to open and expand
  3. accessing the subconscious for real inner change

2. Awareness /mindfulness is intentional mind cleansing & energy clearing:

  1. becoming aware of any gaps/blockages in the energy field
  2. making conscious adjustments to the energy field by shifting into higher frequencies
  3. catching self-destructive thought patterns more quickly to stop their momentum
  4. maintaining higher frequency states for longer periods of time to wholly integrate them as the norm

3. Creation/manifestation is placing focused attention needed for:

  1. creating a new identity 
  2. identifying the lifestyle you want
  3. manifesting/actualizing your dreams/goals
  4. maintaining momentum & self-correcting

Diane Babcock


30+ years of experiential/academic study in personal development • Certification/training in Life Coach, NLP, Ho'oponopono, Human Rights • Mom, grand-mom, writer, graphic artist, entrepreneur, active citizen, published author, video gamer, life adventurer

Course curriculum

    1. a. Quik Quiz for Relaxation

    2. b. Prepare your meditation environment

    3. c. Hundred IAMs relaxation technique

    4. d. Relaxation routine assignment

    5. e. Hundred IAMs 4-minute countdown

    1. a. Using these references

    2. b. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    3. c. Feelings Finder

    4. d. Consciousness Frequency Scale

    5. e. VAKOG-NLP

    6. f. The Relationship Cycle

    1. a. About Ho'oponopono

    2. b. Quik Quiz for Awareness

    3. c. Pre-lesson status

    4. d. Prepare your awareness environment

    5. e. Ho'oponopono exercise

    6. f. Post-lesson status

    7. g. Awareness routine assignment

    1. a. Living the new life

    2. b. Deliberate manifestation

    1. a. Celebrate, Rinse & Repeat

    2. b. Congrats & Certificate

About this course

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Relaxation to Alleviate Stress + Ho'oponopono to Expand Awareness + Authentic Creation to Manifest Your Dreams

Dynamic Self-Paced Lessons with Downloadable Reference Materials + Amazing Bonus Activities for Creativity & Self-Care + Personal Notes & Private Discussion Features + Access to Facebook Group + More