Course Description

Heart-centered living is about thinking and doing what we truly love and we have a brain for that reason. In this course you will:

  • train your mind to align with your inner dreams and goals
  • learn mindful transformation with concise and effective meditation for relaxation and awareness
  • discern and transmute unhealthy feeling and thinking patterns rather than be controlled by them
  • achieve and sustain higher frequency states of inner love, peace and prosperity 

Diane Babcock


30+ years of experiential/academic study in personal development • Certification/training in Life Coach, NLP, Ho'oponopono, Human Rights • Mom, grand-mom, writer, graphic artist, entrepreneur, active citizen, published author, video gamer, life adventurer

Course curriculum

    1. a. W5 for real good change

    2. b. Relaxation & awareness benefits

    3. c. Motivational boosters

    1. a. Prepare your relaxation environment

    2. b. Hundred IAMs relaxation technique

    3. c. Relaxation assignment

    4. d. Hundred IAMs Meditation Schedule

    1. a. Viewable Reference Materials

    2. b. Consciousness Frequency Scale

    3. c. Feelings Finder

    4. d. VAKOG-NLP

    5. e. Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

    1. a. About Ho'oponopono

    2. b. Pre-lesson status

    3. c. Prepare your awareness environment

    4. d. Flow Master awareness technique with Ho'oponopono

    5. e. Post-lesson status

    6. f. Awareness assignment

    7. g. Flow Master Meditation Schedule

    1. a. Celebrate, Rinse & Repeat

    2. b. Congrats

    1. a. Self-Assessment for Relaxation

    2. b. Self-Assessment for Awareness

    3. c. Word Therapy for Self-Awareness

    4. d. Reflective Writing for Left-Right Brain Balance

    5. e. The Art of Pareidolia for Expanding Perception

    6. f. Scenario Graphics Collection

About this course

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